Saturday, April 25th

Dear Cattlemen and Cattlewomen,               
We will have about 35 Registered Angus bulls in the Sedgewood Plantation opening day bull sale on Saturday, April 25th.  The bulls are thick, muscular and solid.  They will average 18 months old and will weigh between 1400 and 1600 pounds.   
You will find a list of the bulls with their pedigrees and performance data on the www.SedgewoodAngus.com website at  http://www.sedgewoodangus.com/#!cattle-for-sale/ceb2  
The bulls will be available for viewing at 8:00 am and the sale will start at 10 o'clock.  They are the best group of bulls we have ever sold.  They have been running all winter in a 150 acre cotton field which has kept them in good athletic condition.  They were not grown out on a hot corn ration and as a result they have more muscle and less fat.  Their average weight was 1200# at the end of November and should be around 1500# by sale day.   

There are 12 bulls in the list that I have identified as "calving ease" bulls that should work on yearling heifers.  My criteria for "calving ease" is that the bull must have all three of the following:  (1)  Actual birth weight of 70# or less, (2)  Birth Weight EPD of 2.0 or less, AND, (3) a CED (Calving Ease Direct) EPD of 7.0 or higher.  
On the morning of the sale we will pen the bulls in groups according to their floor price.  Each bull will be brought up for consideration.  If there is no interest in a bull, we will pass on to the next.  If only one person wants the bull, he will get the bull at the floor price.  If more than one person wants the bull, we will bid him off between those buyers in $50 increments until one person gets him.  We do not use an auctioneer.  The sale is done low key by me and my wife Nancy with the help of family members and a few cowboy friends.   Our goal is to conduct a slow and easygoing sale so no one feels pressured. Our intent is to allow anyone wanting "first pick" to have a chance to get their bull.  Any bulls not sold that day will be for sale at private treaty at a price that will increase after the sale as the bulls continue to develop.   
I posted a few photos on the website to give everyone an idea of how thick and muscular these bulls are.  I will post individual photos of each bull as soon as the weather, life, and tax preparation allow me to.  Any interested parties are encouraged to come prior to the sale to inspect the bulls.  Please call to schedule a time when we will be available.   
Bred Females for Sale,  Saturday May 2, 2015 
Sedgewood has 10 bred female lots in the annual Mississippi Angus Sale at Hinds Junior College in Raymond on Saturday, May 2nd.  We have consigned 7 bred cows with heifer calves at their side and 3 heifers bred AI to calve at 24 months of age.  They will be available for viewing at the barn on the day of the bull sale.  Click here to go to the sale catalog:   http://www.angusjournal.com/salebooks/mississippiaa050215api/#page/4 ; 
Please email us so we can add your email address to our contact file.  This will make it easier for us to quickly notify you if there are any problems prior to the sale and will also allow us to keep you up to date on cattle for sale in the future.
Thank you for your interest.                                                                                         
Bill Howard      
Email: WPH@Sedgewood.com                        
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Website: www.SedgewoodAngus.com