Champion Bull
Lot 72 - TAF Game Day 2B43
Breeder - Thames Angus Farms
Buyer - George Shepard
Champion Heifer
Lot 24 - P/F Iron Lonna
Breeder - Ponderosa Farms
Buyer - Steve and Tanner Luckey
Sammy Blossom received an Honorary Life Membership to the MS Angus Assn.
Breeder of the Year - Gaines Angus Farm
High Selling Lot - Sedgewood New Frontier N60 Breeer - Sedgewood Plantation Buyer - Bruce Roberts
Champion Pair - Sedgewood CC&7 T15 / Sedgewood Right Answer X21 Breeder - Sedgewood Plantation Buyer Lot 6 - Smith Farms Buyer Lot 6A - Ponderosa Farms
Family of the Year
The Ron Neal Family